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Pay as you go! It’s only 0.09¢ (USD) per keyword each month, with no minimum number of keywords.

Keep track of your rankings in Yahoo so you can act accordingly to your offers all of this at a very reasonable price. Let’s be honest—this is extremely affordable!

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Track competitor keywords
You should not just track your own keywords but also keep a close eye on how your competitors are doing in the SERPs. You can easily set up competitor tracking and track the same keywords your monitor for your own domain or simply add them manually.
Keyword updates every 24th hour
Thats right. You'r keywords get's updated every day all year long. We update keywords every day in every language on the planet and in 191 countries!
Pay as you go - Track 1 or 100 keywords you only pay for the exact amount of keywords you wan't to keep track on. You pay 0.09 dollar cent a keyword a month. Track 10 keywords for only 0.9 dollars or track just a single one at 0.09 dollar cent!
We offer integration for Googles Search Console. When adding your domain, we can withdraw all keywords your website currently rank for, through your Search Console. Hereafter you can easily add or remove the ones you care about.

100% accurate rank tracking in Yahoo SERPs

Check your keywords locally for every country you are targeting. All of your Yahoo SERP positions are live and precise. We update your keywords every 24 hours.

To make the right decisions, you have to act on valid offers 100% accurate Yahoo rank tracking at a very reasonable price point.

You can, of course, also track your keywords in Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.


Track your competitors’ Yahoo search engine rankings

It is not always enough to keep a track of your own rankings; you might also want to track your competitors’ keywords in Yahoo SERPs.

You must be able to react quickly if a competitor is gaining visibility faster than you. By looking at your competitors’ rankings, you might be able to identify what they are doing right.

There are no limits to how many competitors you can track. You simply add the competitor whose Yahoo rankings you want insights into and choose the keywords you want to track. You can simply track the same ones you are tracking for yourself, or you can add them manually.

Historic Yahoo ranking positions

You can always see the historic rankings for a given keyword that you are tracking from the moment you added the keyword. The keyword changes can be viewed as data points in a helpful graph view. Taking a closer look at spikes in your Yahoo rankings on specific days gives you great insight.

In some countries, Yahoo is nonexistent as a search engine, but in other countries, search engine users are using Yahoo often. Thus, it’s imperative to keep track of your Yahoo rankings if you are working with inbound marketing and SEO in a country where Yahoo has market shares. On a global basis, Yahoo has a market share of 2% to 2.5%.

Rankings in Yahoo keywords in your niche can help your business grow, especially if you are targeting some of the countries where Yahoo has a significant amount of the search engine market share.

Check your Google rankings in all languages and in all countries! offers Google rank checking in all available languages and countries. We support 130 unique languages and 191 countries, so you can be sure that we have precise data, no matter where you wish to keep track of your rankings.

Unlimited domains

You can add as many domains as you like. You will still only be charged for the total amount of keywords you wish to track.

Why use a rank tracker?

If you are working on improving your visibility in organic search engine result pages, you must keep track of your keyword rankings. This is the best way to track progress besides visitor statistics, but visitor statistics only give you data on keywords you are already ranking and that are already driving traffic to your website.

When performing keyword research, you must have a tool to monitor rankings for your targeted words and phrases.

With SERPreme as your rank checker tool, you get detailed information about all your monitored keywords. You have a historic view of its rankings, search volume data, and everything else you need to perform more effectively in search engine result pages, including ranking reports in both PDF and spreadsheet formats.



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